How to find good holiday apartments in Dénia

If you are a lover of the beach, the sea, good gastronomy and hospitable and welcoming people, your place in the world is undoubtedly Dénia. Very few places on the extensive Spanish coast offer such a privileged natural environment, with so many options. Without a doubt, it is an ideal place to rent an apartment in which to live seasonally at any time of the year, whether to telework or to enjoy a vacation. But, how to find good holiday apartments in Dénia?

Vacation rental at any time of the year?

Yes, in Dénia it is possible to enjoy a vacation rental at any time of the year thanks to its mild climate. The average temperature in Dénia ranges between 16 °C that we can find in January and 31 °C in July. The temperature of the sea, on the other hand, usually varies throughout the year between 15 °C and 26 °C, so the bathing season begins in spring and ends in autumn. It is also possible to practice water sports beyond the three summer months.

The mild temperatures, the low rainfall, allow you to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Dénia almost all year round.

Dénia, a diverse offer of beaches and gastronomy

We cannot forget, when considering where we have to rent an apartment, that Dénia has become the second town in the province of Alicante with the most blue flags. In the last three seasons, six of its beaches – Les Bovetes, Les Deveses, Les Marines, Marineta Cassiana, Molins and Punta del Raset- have received this distinction. The population not only has a large extension and diversity of beaches, but most of them are internationally recognized for the quality of their waters, cleanliness and services.

And it should be noted that very close to all these beaches there are a large number of restaurants suitable for all budgets where you can taste the cuisine of the Marina Alta region. In the local cuisine, rice dishes stand out – how could it be otherwise – but also shellfish, dried octopus and various seafood dishes such as suquet de peix. There is also a rich tradition of local desserts.

In the streets and squares of Dénia any palate can be satisfied as there is an extensive offer of international cuisine and various establishments specializing in snacks, tapas and fast food.

Rent a holiday apartment safely

Renting a holiday apartment in Dénia, near one of its privileged beaches, is not always easy and simple. On the contrary: there is a high demand for quality holiday apartments that cannot always be satisfied by the existing offer. A situation that gives rise to fraud and problems of all kinds.

It is common for people who have rented their apartment to individuals through some portals to complain later that these do not match the characteristics that they had been sold. And that without taking the worst case scenario, which is that you are the victim of a scam and that the apartment you wanted to rent does not even exist.

To avoid these problems and rent an apartment safely, the best solution is to put the search in the hands of specialized companies, which give us all the guarantees. DENIA COSTA, professionals in vacation rental management, is one of those that offers us that security.

DENIA COSTA offers a complete range of holiday apartments very close to Las Marinas beach, one of those recognized with the blue flag for its quality, and the town center of the town, where all services can be found. In addition to their own apartments, they take care of all the procedures related to the rental of different owners. It is a comprehensive vacation rental service for both owners and renters that we can trust.

After choosing our apartment, our next and only concern will be to enjoy the beaches and everything that Dénia offers us.

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