Water activities in Dénia

Dénia is one of the cities on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula that promises a lot in the holiday seasons, especially in summer.

I imagine that you are planning your trip to Dénia and you are analyzing all kinds of activities that you can do in the city, in this specific article I will talk about the Water Activities in Dénia, there are a few and the truth is that I recommend them all.

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Water activities available

Next, I will leave you a list with all the water activities available in Dénia, their small description and their prices.

Jet Ski in Punta Negra Dénia

If you like motorcycles, but you have never tried one of water, this is your opportunity, you will have the sea at your feet and you will be able to enjoy this activity for 40 minutes.

The price is: € 85

Jet Ski in Cabo de San Antonio

Luckily, in Dénia there are several places where you can rent a Jet Ski, the good thing about this is that if they don’t have it available in one place, you go to another.

In this case, the activity will take place in Cabo de San Antonio for 1 hour, it is a very popular aquatic activity in Dénia.

The price is: € 120

Jet Ski in Cabo de la Nao

We continue with the best offer of all, if you want to have a long ride on a Jet Ski I recommend Cabo de la Nao, you will have 2 hours at the best price.

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The price is: € 180

Jet Ski with Breakfast in Cabo de la Nao

For a few euros more than the previous one, they offer you a Breakfast and 30 more minutes for your Jet Ski ride, it’s a good deal, right? One of the best to start the morning on the coast.

The price is: € 195

Las Rotas Kayak Excursion

If you like kayak excursions or want to try something new this is your best option, you will enjoy a one-hour excursion through Cabo de San Antonio in Dénia.

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The price is: € 30

Cova Tallada Kayak Tour


Yes, this excursion includes these 3 activities and for that reason it has a maximum duration of 2 and a half hours, the price is not very high and the truth is that it is an unforgettable experience if you like the sea and research.

If you stay in our apartments we will advise you with the best beaches in Dénia and the best water activities in Dénia.

The price is: € 50


Do you want to fly over the water? With the Flyboard you can achieve it in a few minutes since this water sport can be learned in a few moments. The activity lasts 20 minutes.

The price is: € 70

Paddle surf

We all know what Paddle Surf is, there is nothing better to do to enjoy as a couple or as a family, depending on the duration there are different prices, the available durations are 1,2,4 and 8 hours

The prices are: 15, 25, 35 and 70 euros.


It should be noted that every year the prices change, whether they are 5 euros up or 5 euros down, these prices are simply informative, anyway, when it comes to water activities in Dénia, what does the price matter?

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